Part line

A part line consists of 3-5 foils placed along either side of the part.


1/4 head
A quarter head of foils are generally placed along your hairline and down your part line. Perfect for someone who wants subtle shape around their face or to create lightness when they tie their hair back.

1/2 head
A half head of foils are placed around the crown area and both side panels. This service is one of the most commonly asked for services, perfect if you're wanting a variation in colour whilst maintaining some of your natural hair growth.

3/4 head
A three-quarter head of foils is commonly applied in two ways. Either scattered foils throughout that back section of your head leading into heavier foiling in the crown and side panel areas or the foils are placed on a diagonal section along the neck to ear hair line leading into the middle of the head, foils are then placed on the crown area and both side panels.

Full head of foils
A full head of foils create an even amount of colour throughout the whole head.

Regrowth can either be applied with a semi/demi/permanent colour (tint) to the roots of the hair. Note, this is a block colour, not foils.

All over colour
An all over colour, also known as a colour balance, is either the same or a variation of colours placed from roots to ends.

A basic Ombre, also known as Balayage, is a transition of colour from roots to ends. The most commonly seen Ombre is darker roots blending into lightness on the ends. This service and price varies depending on what Ombre look you are after.

A toner is used to either counteract unwanted tones, e.g removing the orange/yellow tones for a blonde, or depositing a new temporary colour to the hair. Toners and prices vary depending on what you are after, moreover, it is a quick and simple way to freshen up existing colour without causing damage. 


Haircut and blowwave
This service includes a hair wash with a relaxing massage, a haircut along with a blow-wave/hot tool style of your choice.

Male haircut
A male haircut along with a hair wash with a relaxing massage, dry and style into your desired look.

 *Adolescent females receive a wash, haircut and a basic style.


This service includes a hair wash with a relaxing massage and a style of the hair using different techniques with either brushes or hot tools e.g straightners, hot rollers, a wand, curling irons ect.

Hair ups
Hair ups are also known as an 'up do' or formal/wedding hair. This service is genuinely created on pre-washed hair as the natural oils help maintain a longer lasting hair style of your choice. A hair wash and relaxing massage may occur depending on the chosen style.

GHD curls
This service is created on pre-washed and dried hair creating a style using hot tools. Note product is not frequently used. 


A WellaPlex treatment is a treatment designed to multiply and rebond bonds within the hair shaft, ultimately rebuilding it. When this was first released it was nicknamed the 'game changer' as it allows hairdressers to push limits with colour as WellaPlex acts as our safety net.

An WellaPlex treatment consists of a Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3. Both Number 1 and 2 are in salon treatments with Number 3 being the 'take home' treatment.

This treatment can be used on any client, this is not specific to colour work, however, we highly recommend it with clients that receive bleaching services. 


Was so happy with my colour and cut. Best I've had in years.... after searching and searching I have finally found a hairdresser that I love! Lovely staff and really handy location.

Janice Smith

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